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22.3 Takeover Vegas Radio has been dominating the airwaves and captivating audiences since its inception in 2017. In just a few short years, 22.3 has risen to become the most renowned radio station in Las Vegas, earning the prestigious title of Las Vegas' most listened to radio station for two consecutive years, as recognized by Stardome Digital Media, LLC. Its influence extends far beyond the city limits, with a dedicated global following in over 200 countries and 800 cities across the United States, accessible through 15+ popular music streaming apps and its official website. 

Under the visionary leadership of DJ Bad Gyrl, the owner and mastermind behind 22.3, the station has achieved remarkable milestones. In an extraordinary tribute to its impact, 22.3 has been honored with its own designated day in Las Vegas. Mayor Carolyn Goodman officially declared May 23rd as "22.3 Takeover Vegas Radio Day," urging residents and visitors alike to acknowledge the station's exceptional work in promoting Las Vegas to listeners worldwide. Mayor Goodman commended 22.3 for its unwavering dedication and encouraged them to continue their significant contributions.

Pioneering yet again, 22.3 became the first radio station to produce a captivating contest-based reality TV series exclusively on YouTube, aptly named Radio Savage. This groundbreaking venture showcases the station's innovative approach to entertainment and its commitment to pushing boundaries.

Beyond its role as an internet radio station, 22.3 has evolved into a versatile media company, capturing some of the industry's most significant events. Notable highlights include comprehensive coverage of prestigious gatherings such as The Big 3, Amber Rose Slut Walk, AVN Awards, The Latin Billboard Awards, Life is Beautiful, Billboard Awards, and EDC, among others. Moreover, 22.3 proudly hosted its second annual Radio Award show at Park MGM, further solidifying its position as a major player in the industry. As 2023 unfolds, the station remains devoted to creating significant partnerships and spearheading impactful initiatives throughout Las Vegas.

The journey of 22.3 Takeover Vegas Radio has been marked by resounding success. DJ Bad Gyrl and her team of extraordinary personalities, including renowned broadcast hall-of-famers and veteran DJs with over twenty-five years of experience, have cemented their place in radio history. As they embark on the exciting prospects of 2023-2024, their ambitious spirit remains unyielding, as they strive to surpass previous accomplishments and captivate audiences worldwide. Stay tuned for what lies ahead, as 22.3 Takeover Vegas Radio continues its remarkable journey of excellence.

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